Webinar: COVID-19 DISRUPTION - The New Economy, Global Trade, Supply Chains and tips for your Business to succeed

Tue Jul 7, 2020, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (AST)


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains and production, while simultaneously driving an increase in demand for a number of goods. With the global commercial landscape significantly altered, what can Caribbean businesses do to prepare for the “new normal”?


The panel will examine the role of global trade, supply chains and the “new economy” to support Caribbean private sector success in the post Covid19 environment. It will address how businesses can harness trade policy, technical resources, legal frameworks, technology and energy to build success in a “new economy” that will build the Caribbean’s global competitiveness in a significantly altered global commercial, social and economic landscape. Lastly, the panel will consider the risks associated with global trade and the role private sector holds in pooling resources to boost the Region’s competitiveness during these tumultuous times and in the future.


Business Owners, Government Policy Leaders, Economists, Investors, Energy Services, Public Servants, NGOs/CSOs, International Organization Team Leaders.

Alicia Nicholls

Author of Caribbean Trade Law Blog, and International Trade & Development Specialist

Damie Sinanan

Manager, Competitiveness & Export Promotion

James Ellsmoor

Energy Specialist & Founder, Island Innovation

Magda M. Theodate

Director, Global Executive Trade Consulting Ltd

Ravi Sankar

CEO, Karibbean Flavours RHS Marketing Limited Trinidad & Tobago

Sade Jemmott

General Counsel, Bitt Inc, Digital Currencies Platform